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Bob and the Pop-Up Book of Destiny now available on Amazon and Lulu!
Check out Bob and Jeeves’ second adventure!
Subway: Subliminal Mind Control in Action
Never has condiment-listing reached these levels.
  Rejected Hannah Barbara Ideas
Who wouldn’t want to watch The Flatulent Wilma Flintstone?
Adverbs: Falsest of Friends
The most disgusting, vile parts of speech ever to slither out of the sphincter of the English language.
The Chicken of doom: Episode 20 (The Seen Scene Scene Scene)
In which we discuss Starcraft babies, Invader Zim, and quaaludes
Classy Sturgeon logo PBS + The Internet = Glorious Artistry
Remember those pictures I mentioned in the “Elmo’s Hostile Takeover” post? I thought I’d share a few…

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