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Rejected Hannah Barbara Ideas
Who wouldn’t want to watch The Flatulent Wilma Flintstone?
Adverbs: Falsest of Friends
The most disgusting, vile parts of speech ever to slither out of the sphincter of the English language.
  The Chicken of doom: Episode 20 (The Seen Scene Scene Scene)
In which we discuss Starcraft babies, Invader Zim, and quaaludes
Classy Sturgeon logo PBS + The Internet = Glorious Artistry
Remember those pictures I mentioned in the “Elmo’s Hostile Takeover” post? I thought I’d share a few…
La Gallina de Perdicion - chicken (color) The Chicken of Doom: Episode 19 (Poop Poop Pa Doop)
In which we discuss vowels, pumpkin spice (again), and Lady Gaga
Classy Sturgeon logo Fast Food Dominance
If we don’t do something quick, Taco Bell’s going to eat Pizza Hut alive!

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