The Realignment of the Sturgeon-Verse


Many creatures, at some time in their life, go through a metamorphosis. Wriggly caterpillars become magnificent butterflies. Legless tadpoles morph into hopping frogs. When left to cool, McDonalds’ French fries change from warm, delicious potato bits into something that tastes like compressed owl pellets.

Like these great feats of nature, must also change. Aside from some new art that would make Michelangelo pee his pants with envy, you’re going to notice some new features here in the Sturgeon-verse.

For starters, Bob and the Cyber-Llama is now available for purchase in print and on the Amazon Kindle store. For those who don’t know, Bob and the Cyber-Llama is the story of a man and his cybernetic llama who adventure into ancient ruins, hunt for long-lost treasures, battle evil forces, and enjoy the occasional fruit-based snack. As you can tell, it delves deeply into the meaning of existence and the nature of the human spirit.

Bob and the Cyber-Llama is a fantastic read and makes a great gift for any kid, parent, neglected step-child, or mechanized alien overlord.

If you prefer books with lots of pictures, you’ll want to check out The Black Walrus, my comic book series. These comics star a kid who gains the power of super-intelligence and grows into a snarky, gadget-wielding crimefighter.

Just don’t expect anything too solemn or serious from this comic series. Alan Moore I am not.

You’re also going to see a lot of fresh, juicy goodness on the Classysturgeon website itself. First, you’ll notice that I’ve shifted focus to blog-style posts, podcasts, and videos, rather than fiction. But weep not. The adventure stories aren’t going away, and you’ll be able to check them out on the Kindle store and in print (more books in the Bob and the Cyber-Llama series will be coming soon.)

New episodes of “The Chicken of Doom,” the podcast produced by myself and Jon Adams, will be coming out regularly. Keep an eye out for more blog posts, more Chicken of Doom, Sturgeon Cinema (coming soon!), and more of the heartwarming and gooey artistry that is Classysturgeon.

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Now that’s just bully!


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