The Chicken of Doom

On one lovely afternoon, I was having a riveting discussion about tuna with my friend Jon when the two of us had a life-changing thought: as long as we’re going to have weird conversations about random topics, why not record those conversations and put them on the Internet? Welcome to The Chicken of Doom, a podcast discussing everything from intricacies of smothered burritos to the daunting conundrum that is “Scooby Doo.”

Episode 20: The Seen Scene Scene Seen

Episode 19: Poop Poop Pa Doop

Episode 18: Baby Rub

Episode 17: Dealin’ Doug

Episode 16: I’m Harry Frigin’ Potter!

Episode 15: The Smegol Thing

Episode 14: Baby Farms

Episode 13: Timmy and the Wart

Episode 12: Amish in Space

Episode 11: Red October Special

Episode 10: The Ice Queen’s Butthole

Episode 9: Merry Veterans Day!

Episode 8: Unfi

Episode 7: In the Name of Spain

Episode 6: Take a Bite Out of Crime!

Episode 5: Lord of the Scooby Snacks

Episode 4: World War Tuna

Episode 3: Orphan Juice

Episode 2: Walton’s Angels

Episode 1: Dobby and Gollum


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